Crate Engines

Bob Sadowski

Bob started CREB Engineering in 1967 with nothing but a love for horsepower that started at the drag strip. Over the years Bob built innumerable championship and record-setting engines, making a name for himself as one of the most talented engine builders in the world while upkeeping a shop that built over 400 engines a month. Bob's passion for racing remains at the heart of every CREB engine.

Jerrame Sadowski

Jerrame went into business with his father, Bob, when he was just 14 years old and has been building engines almost every hour of every day since. Jerrame took his fathers expertise and made CREB more specialized, with a vision to sell engines to people all over the world, with less focus on hardcore racing. Thanks to that, you can find people raving about the CREB Engineering name on car forums in over 30 countries!

Amir Heidari

After graduating from NYU, Amir and some partners started investing in companies of high quality, American-made craftsmanship. After coming across CREB and with his passion for cars and particularly American Muscle, Amir and his partners saw a vision to take CREB Engines and Parts to new heights.